MARAZENE MACHINE: DieTrich Thrall (left) and Nikk Skum

From the MM photo shoot on 09.26.10
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MARAZENE MACHINE multi-instrumentalist and co-founder Dietrich Thrall has posted the third part in an ongoing tribute to Kristopher “Kristov” Kemp, who passed away in January of 2009 after a three year battle with colon cancer, at his official blogzine www.It’

With the publishing of the third chapter, which coincides with the fallen members birthday (10.28), DieTrich delves into some of the darker behind-the-scenes moments while the independent band struggled to survive and explains the reason why the band decided to go public with the struggle:

“For a long time Kris had made it clear he wanted his health situation to remain a private and family matter. I rarely spoke about the situation with anyone other than Kris or close friends. But when he found he was unable to participate with our Fall ’07 tour plans I suggested that Kris’s struggle was one that people should be aware of because (unfortunately) cancer is so prevalent. I was convinced people would understand and relate. Also because I thought his unique and individual struggle should be understood. That he was fighting something so overwhelming. I wanted to let Kris know that he wouldn’t be alone in facing this fight.”

The tribute also details one of the bands darkest moments during which the struggling drummer would quit the band and how the band coped with this under the immense pressure:

“The rigors of the road coupled with a little too much of the general clautrophobic nature of touring and a run-in with a band member that I was also having problems with at the time, which is all too typical for bands, proved to be a little too frustrating for Kris. It didn’t help that the night before in Milwaukee his truck, which had been hauling all of our gear, had been broken into. It also didn’t help that the majority of items missing from the truck were his. It was a karmic bitch-slap that seemed out of place considering everything going on in his life. He informed me via a phone call on Sunday, November 11th at around 3PM that he was no longer interested in performing with the band for the final show or any show thereafter. The show he refused to play was our welcome home Chicago show.”

In another key passage, DieTrich notes a level of acrimony the band experienced first-hand hand while trying to prevent the band from falling apart:

There was and continues to be, without a doubt, persons out there that loved to watch every minute of our struggle and who wanted to see our band fold under the pressure. But no amount of negative energy can tear down what Kris, Nikk, and myself have done and everything we have done is merely prologue to what we as MARAZENE MACHINE hope to achieve in the coming months and years.

Said DieTrich about the latest revelations:

“I still feel as though I’m coming to terms with different aspects of the struggle as I’m sure most people are. It hasn’t been a peachy ride but it’s something that you learn to appreciate more as time goes by – meaning – in remembrance, the subtleties – the things that I think I was supposed to learn from – seem to glow a little brighter around the edges. And I think to myself – this is what I was supposed to take from this experience. This is what is important.

In moving forward as Kris wanted us to do – I try to reach for that core sense of purpose that we initially strived for.

A fourth and final chapter is expected to be published in late January.

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“The rust is burning off the gears as the machine heats up… We’ve been spring-loaded for awhile now. Once this train leaves the station, it’s not stopping till the end of the line…” ~ Nikk Skum

MARAZENE MACHINE: prepping new music for release in October 2010

CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) — October 2010 will herald the long-awaited return of Chicago’s MARAZENE MACHINE (formerly MARAZENE)!

The Machine-Metal Mavens, now fully embracing their distinct Electro-Metal Revolutionary tendencies, will hit the studio in the coming weeks to hammer out the final tracking on songs expected to be appear on an as yet untitled new release and have opted to once again self produce.

The band will also be re-teaming up with JEFF VEREB (SMASHING PUMPKINS) for the final mix. Vereb was the mix engineer behind the ‘MachiNation’ album as well as the tracks that appeared on THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and RECALIBRATED box sets.

The principle songwriting tandem of producers DIETRICH THRALL and NIKK SKUM have largely kept a low profile since the tragic loss of co-founding member KRISTOPHER “KRISTOV” KEMP in early 2009 to a three year battle with colon cancer. In recent months however the members have been dropping hints as to demo progress while putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to 2007’s critically regarded ‘MachiNation’ album.

MARAZENE MACHINE won over industry insiders and fans Nationwide with their explosive, high-energy performances while touring the U.S. and Canada 100% DIY in 2006-2008 with such acts as MUSHROOMHEAD, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT, PSYCLON NINE, DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY, and WEDNESDAY 13.

Will a return to the spotlight with the new album spell out a return to the big stage? Said DieTrich:

“Our fans have been with us the whole way with undying and unconditional support and we are incredibly happy to have them on board with us as we prepare to plunge over the edge and into the unknown for this next big ride..”

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